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Best Male Infertility Doctor in Delhi

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Unable to have a baby!! Wife has been gone through the relevant tests and treatments and still not able to conceive!! This type of deficiency can be in the men also. It is not necessary to lack the fertility power by women only; men may suffer from the same problems. Infertility is usually taken to the stage where a female is unable to conceive a child even after having sexual intercourse for a year. After finding all the things right, men may need to go undergo for the complete treatment and test. There are different medical reasons for male and female while neglecting the pregnancy term. Usually, there are numerous problems leading to the male infertility which are:-

1. Excessive alcohol drinking, drugs consumption, energy drink consumption and much more which are responsible for infertility. These drinks may boost the sex stamina for the short period yet may make the person infertile.

2. People leading hectic and stressful life may suffer from infertility as that will lower the sperm power.Low-quality sperm will lower the chances of fertility or conceive the baby

3. A man exceeding the age may also lack fertility power. With the passing of time, strength may also get diminish.

4. People undergoing through excessive smoking habits may also raise the risk of developing infertility.

5. Low sperm count, motility of sperms, abnormal sperm are unable to fertilize eggs or meet the vagina which may also lead to infertility.

6. Testicular infection, testicular cancer, testicular surgery, premature ejaculation, small penis size and other abnormal genetic may cause infertility.

7. Men having thyroid, anemia may also cause a lack of fertility.

8. People relying on heavy medicines may also create sperm abnormalities which also lower the chances of fertility.

Gautam Clinic is one of the reputed Male Infertility Clinic in Delhi which helps to boost fertility power and sperm quality by offering the right treatment in the way of medication, therapy, and proper diet. While visiting a doctor, it is highly recommended to reveal the life history so as to offer the right treatment. Little negligence or wrong treatment may affect the patients adversely.

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