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Masculine Reproductive System Disorders: Testicular Disorders

29, October 2020

 Testicular Disorders

Two major primary conditions affecting the external male reproductive organs are present. That includes penile dysfunction and diseases of the testicles. Penile and testicular dysfunctions can impair male fertility and sexual function.

The measures are part of the reproductive system of males. Two oval-shaped glands, the size of two larger olives, are the testicles. Like testosterone, male hormones are secreted by the testes, and male reproductive cells, sperm, are produced. Severe disorders, including hormonal imbalances, compromised sex life, and infertility, can be caused by testicular disorders.

Trauma in the testicles

Since the testicles are situated in the scrotum that hangs outside the body, there is no protection for the muscles and bones. This makes them more likely to strike, kick, or crush, which happens more often during contact sports. By wearing athletic cup-shaped appliances during sports, men may cover their testicles.

Extreme pain, bruising, and swelling may be caused by testicular trauma. In most cases, without severe damage, the testicles, composed of spongy material, can withstand the shock of trauma.

A rare type of testicular damage, called testicular rupture, occurs when the testicle is directly struck, or the big bones of the pelvis are crushed. Bleeding in the scrotum may be caused by this form of trauma. In extreme cases, to repair the rupture, surgery is required, thus saving the testicle.

Torsion of the testicles

The testicles within the scrotum are fixed by a device called the spermatic cord at either end. This cord coils around the testicle often, thus disrupting the blood supply to the testicle. Testicular torsion signs include sudden and intense pain, enlargement, and swelling of the affected testicle.

This disease, which occurs primarily in men younger than 25 years of age, may occur due to an operation requiring a great deal of effort due to testicular or secondary disability. Without an apparent trigger, it may also happen.


Emergency care is required for testicular torsion. Typically, the procedure consists of surgical correction of the disease. If the condition is diagnosed and immediately treated, the testicular function may be preserved. The testicle may be permanently damaged and may require surgical removal of the blood supply to the testicle is disrupted for a long time.

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