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Best Sexologist in Jodhpur, India

Gautam clinic is successfully founded by Dr. Inderjeet Gautam, sex specialist in Jodhpur. He is actively delivering professional counseling, online consultation, medicinal treatments and therapy for various sex related problems like infertility, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, penile implants, circumcision, small penis, masturbation etc. The sex clinic in Jodhpur also offers surgical treatments for serious issues at most convenient conditions.

We all know, sex is a biological necessity among married couples and provides immense pleasure to build a strong bonding. So Gautam clinic in Jodhpur helps people to sustain their happy married life. Dr. Inderjeet Gautam has treated more than 80,000 patients till date across India through best practices. He is a well-known sexologist in Jodhpur following medicinal ethics and maintains high transparency about the clients.

At Gautam clinic, a sexologist in Jodhpur does perform complete diagnosis through pathological tests, ultrasounds, sex counseling, disease history, clinical evaluation and much more to know the exact sex related problem. The common medicine can not be applicable for all diseases so it becomes our duty to know the root cause. Usually, stress, eating habits, lifestyle are the well-known factors affecting sexual health. Allopathy medicine may have some sort of side effects so Dr. Inderjeet Gautam prefers to recommend Ayurvedic medicine which is proven by thousands of patients.

Research shows that people feel embarrassment and awkward while consulting personal issues but shyness may create never ending health problem along with disturbed married life. 70% marriages are spoiled due to weak sex life. Gautam clinic Jodhpur understands each aspect of sexual life and offers professional treatments for male & female sex problems. Inderjeet Gautam is an award-winning sexologist in Jodhpur who has gained effective recognition is Delhi/ NCR as best sexologist or sex doctor.

If you are suffering from any sex related problem or not able to satisfy your partner, then contact Gautam clinic in Jodhpur and avail effective treatment.

We do cater for all kind of sex related problems like infertility, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, penile implants, circumcision, etc. Apart from the existing related problems, we are treating the patients with the skin, weight, thyroid and diabetic problems as all the health problems are interrelated.

Male and female both. Married, as well as an unmarried couple may contact us for their sex-related issues and guidance.

No, never, we maintain the huge privacy of the patient's information and never share with others. We do expect the patients to maintain a high level of transparency so that we can know about their exact problems and can treat the patient after evaluating root causes.

Everyone who is willing for happy married life or strong sex life can visit us at our nearby locations. Our motive is to recover the disease by offering prompt solutions and guidance.

It is a common way getting sex pleasure by touching and rubbing your own body organs. Usually, unmarried people or people who are not satisfied with their partners, perform masturbation to fulfill their sex desire.

Not every time, It can be good sometimes, but having excess use of masturbation may lead to fatigue, tiredness, stress, lack of real sex power during intercourse, headache, premature ejaculation, semen leakage, loss of sex desire, back pain, impotence, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, depression, guilt feeling, and much more.

It is referred as the biological inability to conceive a new life in the womb. Infertility can be risen in male and female.

It is referred as the discharge of semen or sperm before 3 to 4 minutes. An early discharge of semen is a disease which should never be neglected. It may lead to sexual dissatisfaction to partner.

It is a common term when a male is not able to keep his penis erect for long while performing the sexual function. The major cause can be the internal weakness. In fact, more than 70 % marriages are broken due to impotency.

Not always, yet small penis may not satisfy the partner. so people usually go for the enlargement of penis.

Yes, we do offer and serve through safe procedures which are completely safe and secure.

We do charge a nominal amount for consultation. Treatment charges are different based on the individualís problems. We do consider the market pricing and do not overcharge from the patients.

The treatment is based on the actual disease. Every disease has separate root causes. We do offer consultation; we speak the patients in the friendly manner to know the actual problem. After that, we provide counseling and treat them through medicine, therapy, and surgery, in the case of serious problems. No common medicine is given to everyone to avoid side effects.

Usually, any sex problem recovers within the month. Though time duration can be extended based on the treatments and disease.

Yes, without analyzing the patient, we cannot refer right treatment. We do examine the patients, seek their lifestyle information and then suggest the right treatment.

Not regularly, but if the problem is serious then only we recommend hospitalization.