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Kegel Exercise- Natural Exercise therapy to Improve Sexual Health!!

September 5, 2015

Physical Exercise surely boosts the stamina and improves the overall health. Here we are talking about Kegel Exercise which helps to boost the sexual health and thus maintain the happy married life. As a whole, Kegel Exercise helps to.

  • Improve the sexual life
  • Cure Pelvic Floor problems
  • Relives from the urinary & Fecal Incontinence

Here we will discuss the important facts related to Kegel Exercise. Before performing this, one needs to find the pelvic floor muscles.How you will find the pelvic floor muscle??? The common way is to try to stop the flow of your urine midstream. This tightening is the basic move of a Kegel and you will be able to find the right pelvic floor muscle on which you will have to work on. Let those muscle go and resume the flow of the urine. It is always advisable to consult the doctor before performing Kegel exercise. He will guide you in performing the Kegel exercise safely if you have any medical problems.

The key to having the right treatment,to a great extent,depend on the sexologist doctor you have chosen.There are many doctors offering treatments for sex related diseases. However,it is important for you to choose the one having years of experience as well as expertise in the field as the right treatment can make a huge difference to your sex life.Make sure that you do as much research and study as possible while looking for the sexologist doctor.So, if sex related issues are worrying you then just look for the experienced sexologist.

However, one should not stop the urine midstream as doing Kegel while urinating twice a month may bring adverse effects. It may weaken the muscle and may also lead to damage to bladder & kidneys.

There is another better way for females to find out the kegels. Just place your finger in the vagina, squeeze your muscle, you will feel muscle tightening & pelvic floor up. Relaxing back will bring the pelvic floor moving back again. but follow hygiene rules before inserting the finger in vagina.

Still not able to find the Kegel?? Place a hand mirror below your perineum (skin covered area between the vagina and anus). Squeeze the lower part and then relax and you will experience the kegel muscle. If you are performing the same correctly, you can find perineum contracting with each squeeze. Your partner can help to feel to go for sex if you are the sexually active woman.

Important points should keep in mind:-

  • Keep your bladder empty before doing Kegel exercise. Full or partial full bladder may lead to pain or some amount of urine leakage while performing the exercise. So check for the bladder before doing kegel to make the exercise more efficient.

  • Avoid flexing other muscles such as buttocks, thighs, abdomen etc, just concentrate on tightening the pelvic floor muscle only.

  • Make sure to breathe in and out with each Kegel exercise instead of holding the breath. This will help you relax and get the positive outcome out of the pelvic floor exercise.

  • To relax your muscle, one had can be placed on the belly to make it relaxed

  • If you experience abdomen, or belly after performing the kegel, this is the signs that you are not doing well.

  • Make yourself comfortable. You can perform this exercises while sitting on the chairs or lying on the floor. While lying down, make yourself flat on the back and arms on both sides and knees up & together.

  • Make sure to relax the buttock and tummy muscles while perfuming kegel. Keep your head down to avoid strain on your neck.

To know more about the sexual health-related exercises, get in touch with your nearby Sexologist in Delhi/NCR.

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